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This guide was created by the Promotion Saguenay Business & Services management team to help with your business startup process in Saguenay. Its purpose is to take you through the various steps you need to take prior to officially opening your business.

In addition to information regarding zoning, permits and authorizations, the guide provides you with the names of the various support organizations, services and associations that can help you with your business venture. Finally, lists of media in the Saguenay area, personnel recruitment organizations, and educational institutions for your training needs are provided.

Saguenay extends sincere greetings to you and yours, and wishes you great success!

City of Saguenay's permits and certificates


The City of Saguenay is the metropolis of Quebec’s Saguenay–Lac-St-Jean region, and the 7th largest city in the province with a population of 146,000. It is a must-see tourist destination, boasting among its attractions the only Fjord in North America! An attractive destination for professional conferences, Saguenay hosts 80 congresses and events each year.

Saguenay is internationally known for its tourist attractions, its research chairs and its industries. Saguenay is Northeastern Quebec’s largest business centre, with more than 70,000 jobs in over 2,000 commercial and service businesses and some 280 industrial enterprises.

With a diversity of products offered, easy accessibility and the presence of national-calibre businesses (chain and big-box stores), Saguenay draws its main clientele from the entire Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region.


To assist you with the acquisition or establishment of your business in Saguenay, we have made available a variety of statistical datas. These were collated from various studies commissioned by Promotion Saguenay and in collaboration with different partners. Information relative to road traffic (average yearly flow rates) is also available.

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Professional training and development

Saguenay has several educational institutions around its territory, offering training in various business-related fields.

For further information about these institutions, please consult our Business Startup Guide (598 ko) (french only) or click on the following links :

For you, entrepreneurs!

Promotion Saguenay offers yearly training program in answer to any number of practical needs. The different topics of the programs can help you improve your business performance. These training courses are FREE; all you need to do is register!

See the Business Training section on our Home Page for further information.

For any questions, please contact Ms. Genevieve Tremblay by email or by phone 418.698.3157 x 6022


Vous retrouverez ci-dessous une description des différents réseaux routiers ainsi que leur débit de circulation enregistré quotidiennement :

Regional network

Route 381

Route 381 links La Baie, Ferland-et-Boilleau and the Charlevoix region. Traffic is light, with only 1,270 vehicles per day.

Bagot line

The Bagot line links Highway 170 to the Grande-Anse industrial and port zone. This route is heavily traveled, with up to 1,500 vehicles per day.

Provincial network

Highway 175

Highway 175, the four-lane divided highway that links Quebec City with Saguenay, starts at Talbot Boulevard and follows Boulevard de l’Université and Boulevard St-Paul to the Dubuc Bridge. Most concentrated heavy and light vehicle traffic in the region, reaching an average of 65,000 vehicles on Talbot Boulevard and 47,000 on the Dubuc Bridge.

Highway 170

Links Saguenay with the Charlevoix region to the east (3 900 vehicules) and Lac-Saint-Jean to the west (13 300 vehicles). Daily traffic between the boroughs of Chicoutimi and La Baie averages 12,400 vehicles.

Collector network

Freeway 70

The 70 is the only freeway in Saguenay−Lac- Saint-Jean. It improves exchanges and movement between the region’s cities. It ensures fast, efficient and safe travel for both heavy and transit vehicles. The daily traffic levels vary from 8,200 to 26,000 vehicles.

Martel Boulevard

This highway links Saguenay to the municipalities of Saint-Honoré and Saint-David-de-Falardeau. It has a high traffic rate of 10,300 vehicles per day.

Route de la Dam-Deux

This road links Saint-Léonard Road and Price Street, and is used by up to 8,900 vehicles per day.

Rue Saint-Dominique

Links the Lac Kénogami area to downtown Jonquière. Traffic has an average of 4,400 vehicles daily.


The new Saguenay development plan was implemented in March of 2012, following government approval. At the time, Saguenay was the only city to have such a development plan since the amalgamation.

Please consult: Development Plan (french only).